Perennial Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

It was very early that Perennial envisioned the power situation in India. Addressing this need through our entrepreneurial dream of establishing Perennial group of companies, initially we decided to focus on DG rental sets of repute brands. Consequently, DG rental sets proved to be the most economical, affordable and feasible way of power supply.


As a flagship company, Perennial technologies has always concentrated on providing wise solutions to power problems. The need to cater to power emergencies comes foremost to us. Hence we have been actively working to provide short term and long term power equipments to help provide temporary and emergency power solutions especially during the times of natural calamities, grid failures or short supply of power. Perennial technologies has always been the first preferred company to provide effective power solutions.

With a unique acumen of knowing the exact requirements of our clients, Perennial technologies has emerged as the most genuine, competent and versatile power house. A Pan India company, mainly engaged in KVA and MV power equipments; Perennial technologies has been catering to various industries including Mining, Off-shore, IT and Steel conglomerate.